Roundtable Discussion: Kunst als Umweltpolitik? /art as environmental politics?

14.6. 18h at Kunsthalle Lucerne


Michael Kaufmann (director University Lucerne, Music), Michael Noser (artist, Lucerne), Hina Strüver (artist ail-resident, Zürich), Angelika Hilbeck (scientist, Institute for Integrative Biology, ETH Zürich). Moderated by Max Wechsler (art publicist, Lucerne).


The discussion will focus on the multilayered questions emerging from our present-day relation to science and nature as well as the role contemporary art can play in this context. By bringing together different perspectives on issues evolving around themes ranging from integrative biology to aristic positions on sustainibility, we hope to facilitate a creative and constructive debate generated from both life experiences and theory.


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